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Pole Vault is Painful

Make sure you are doing your drills correctly or you will get whacked in the nuts. Thanks kcvault over on polevaultpower.com for posting my video as a response: "I have seen jan do this drill with vaulters from 1,2, and 3 lefts. The drill is called a jump off and it helps to learn proper body position at take off and learn to create space with the bottom arm.
Judging by his speed it looks like he is only running 3 lefts when he does this. You have to be on a big pole when doing this drill however, It is usually done on a long run pole when done from 3 lefts. This pole broke very high I cant imagine there was not a flaw in the pole, However look how much it bent, to do the drill right he would have likely needed to be on a bigger pole. Also a very important part of this drill is to have a spotter you can trust. Also the goal of this drill is not to get into the pit the vaulter always comes back down on the ground on the drill. (Slowly because of the spot)."

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