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#17.9- Practice video from 2/4/08

Today I went into practice to make a major change in my jump. I started with the pop-us. These were pretty good and I wanted to mimic them in my full jump. I then moved on to my 6 left approach and was close to making the same moves in those jumps, but as the poles got stiffer my dedication to the inversion got worse. Watch the three different stages of the practice.


6 Lefts over a bungee:

6 Lefts 84.5'
15' 18.5/17.9/17.5/17.1
14'3"-14'6" Grip
Bungee at 15' and 17'

6 Lefts over a bar:

6 Lefts 84.5'
15' 17.1
14'6" Grip
Bar at/around 17'

My eventual goal is to not pull my knees in at the top of my swing (no more tucking/shooting). As you looked at these videos what did you notice? How do you think I did? What are some things I could do to move better along the vertical plane? If you are a vaulter, how well can you complete these moves? Feel free to comment or leave some suggestions.



Anonymous said...

2nd and 3rd clip not playing on my computer?

Anonymous said...

i think the jumps in the 6 left over a bungee there was a difference in the effort to change something less of that effort to change the inversion on the clips over the bar like you said. seams like over the bar you forgot what you were changing and its easy enough to do especially when you are focusing on other things. but the good news is everything else is looking awsome!! keep at it and you will get it and 5.35 and higher are possible form that run.

kjellispv said...

I would like to know your reasoning for wanting not to tuck and shoot (To possibly make your top end better?)Swinging the trail leg requires the vaulter to lose their hips faster which is why you don't see many smaller guys like yourself doing that. You push your arms up well and keep everything behind your chest at takeoff which tells me to time up with the pole you would have to have a slight bending in the knees before inversion. If not the pole will leave you behind. The pole doesn't bend in pop-ups therefore it may feel right then but bending the pole is very different requiring different movements. My advice is to focus more on your left arm to get you to move through the vertical plane better... And lately your pole is sinking which will make the top end alot harder, keep the handle of the pole moving towards the bar. Or just do it like this, tim was 5'8 138lbs. http://youtube.com/watch?v=qPHdlD8Gk4c

Anonymous said...

What does "lose your hips" mean?

The object of the swing is to get to vertical and keep down pressure on the pole. The longer the body stays the the further away from the top hand the center of mass (com) stays and the better the down pressure. Tucking moves the com closer to the top hand (less down pressure = smaller pole) and in a lot of cases leaves the hips low causing a poor vertical line. Chris is on the biggest poles he has ever been on and with some more work on the swing he will hit the lines needed to jump much higher. Staying healthy right now so the work can be done is the challenge. The sinking is a result of Chris pushing his grip height and taking off under occasionally. If you look at the videos you will see multiple jumps with the same grip...an occasional sink means he was under on that jump.

Kyle, if your not busy come on over and join us at practice, we start @ 5:15 and Chris normally jumps Mondays and Wednesdays.


579cm said...

Open dialouge....I like it...what I don't like about the tuck and shoot...I have the tendancy to tuck-(stops)-shoot. That hesitation is what I am trying to avoid. I think that if keep trail leg straight all the way to the top of the swing it will help me keep my hips moving up, w/o the pause. I hope that clarifies what I am shooting for.

kjellispv said...

I think i have a different technical model in mind. But watching his last film his top end seemed to get better because he was much more active with his hands rather than trying to swing with his legs. I am just throwing my 2 cents in. But i would think if he would concentrate on applying downward pressure with his left and lining up with the pole that way he would get alot more out of his top end. His run and takeoff are great, he is obviously a good leaper. And all that is missing from being a consistent 5.50 jumper is the midddle and top end. You have plenty of time to figure it out so i am sure you will.

I would love to come up there but i don't have the time or $ currently, maybe when i'm done at eiu i will come out of retirement.

Anonymous said...

Kyle.....your too young to "retire"...LOL

You must just be resting for bigger things to come. Just dont rest too long or you will never get back.