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Live Update on the Road- IU

Three misses at 5.30m
114', 8 Lefts, 15' 15.5/16.0
A+ on the "bar-eluding movements", C- on "off the ground" power, D on the energy

My thoughts: There is a technical aspect I am chasing and missing. We
call it "The Move". And I'm still not making "the move". This
disappoints me, mostly because if I don't make "the move" then I forfeit
a lot of height. I'm my opinion, I lose 20-35cm off the top of the jump
when I don't follow through and make "the move". Right now the move =
confidence. After a week of very little practice, I performed about on
par. This week, I need to hit the workouts more consistently and with
next Satruday in mind. I have made the move before...with a higher
grip...over higer bars. But I can't be totally negative I jump 16'8 3/4"
gripping at 14'6", with weak technique, after a unproductive week of
workouts. Well that's was all happened about an hour ago, therefore its
already been forgotten. Thanks for reading.

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B. Fitch said...

Dang this is rocking! gogogo you are right there!

Anonymous said...

What is your plan with your hand grip and your apporach? Are you looking to go back to 10 lefts? Gripping 15'6?
What is the biggest thing you look for that shows you are ready for more approach and more grip?

5.79 said...

Thanks Fitch.

5.79 said...

Well I can jump 18ish from a 15'6" grip and 10 lefts now...without a problem, but I have potential to jump 18' from 8 lefts and 14'6". I'm going to continue to work on my technique. That way when I raise my grip, I'll have to just work on my timing. I have gripped 15'10" before and I have ran from 10 Lefts before, but I haven't jumped 18'...go figure. Once I have eeked every inch out of a 14'6" grip then I'll feel comfortable moving and up and back. With all that said, I am training "against the clock" so I might have to do what I to in order to qualify.