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Update: IU #2

3rd Place
8 Lefts 115'/26'Mid
16' 20.0 Carbon FX
Gripping 15'

Sorry the video is very low quality, I have tried to improve it.

I will update my training log later this week. The meet warmups went well, I took a few jumps to get ready and once I was onto the 20.0 I stopped jumping. The strategy seemed to work, however my last two jumps in the competition were worse in terms of technique than my first two jumps in the meet. I am going to take this weekend off and continue to work on improving my technique after the plant (swing/inverson).

Meaning I will have to jump a bar 25cm+ higher than my my best jump this year, in my last meet to qualify for Indoor USA's. Impossible is nothing.

Sorry about the delays in posting, my PC is being very uncoopereative. pssss

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