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Update: EIU

Today was the perfect day, until my last 3 jumps. Evidently I am getting faster and faster every week. My "performances" are slowly declining, but my jumps are getting bigger and bigggggger. (watch the video) I put more hip height on 5.05m than I did on 4.90m. I took my grip up to 15' on 16' poles (long story), but with all things considered it was a good move technically.

Meet Stats- men's pv began at 12pm...I took my first jump at 2:09pm and my last jump at 2:39pm...starting height 12'7" came in at 16'. It was ran well...can't complain about that)

My Stats- 8 Lefts, 114.5'
16' 20.8/20.0, Grip 15'
Mid- 26' Takeoff- 13'6"
1st Place
made 90% of "the move"
After the clearance @ 5.05, I missed 3x @ 5.30 (my step was under 6-9 inches)

Somehow it was the "Best" Bad Day or "Worst" Good Day I have ever had. I am jumping higher than I ever have before and I am getting faster. I have convinced myself that 18' is closer than ever.


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,
Will you be at the IU meet this weekend....... I see that you are working hard. Keep in touch...............

Jeremy Hull said...

Looking good keep it up keep the the dream for us shorter guys rollin

5.79 said...

no mary, but I will be there on Feb. 2-3.