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#16- A fear of flight?

I spoke with a friend today and we both talked about how we are trying to do something different in our lives. We both discussed the ups and downs in our endeavors. In the midst of the conversation I discovered something within my current state-of-mind. I am (was) afraid of success. For example I have made major sacrifices in my life, I work my ass of daily, but sometimes when its time to perform something illogical/paradoxical occurs. I get afraid to do well, like there an internal flaw that prohibits me from (a) getting my expectations to high or (b) performing better than I should. After repeating that statement for the second time today, it sounds even more absurd (to me). What does all this psycho-babble mean? It means if you want to do something great, DO IT. Don’t think about it, don’t psych your self out of it and most of all don’t stop yourself from doing it. That’s my two cents. This week I will travel to Charleston, IL to compete solo at the Eastern Illinois University. The men’s pole vault begins at noon. And I am going to do it. If you are going to be there let me know. Thanks for reading.

1/9- 10x50m Pole Runs; 8x75m Sprints; Hurdle Drills
1/10- Vault Day: 8 lefts, 113’, 15’ 17.6/17.1, Bar @ 5.15m- Bad Day
1/11- Pre-Meet Warm-Up and Stretch
1/12- IU- 1st Place 5.10m, 8 Lefts, 113.5’, 15’ 16.5/16.0/15.5
1/13- OFF
1/14- Vault Day: 8 lefts, 112.5’, 15’ 17.6/17.1, Grip 14'2", Bar @ 5.05m; 10x speed bounds
1/15- Lift: 1Lower-Body and 4 Upper-Body Exercises; 4x75m, 10x50m Get-Up-and- Go’s, 4x75m
1/16-10x6 Left slide box, 10x50m Pole Runs
1/17- Vault Day: Short Run 4 lefts, 56.5', 15' 21.8/20.0, 14' Grip, Bar @ 4.90m

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