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I am still alive...

First off…if you are still checking the blog you are a true fan. I have been struggling as of late. We set up the jump series and got storms every Friday. That kind of had my head in a different place every week. Not to mention I was having some inconsistent practices. Either way today was jump #4 (or more like #6 if you count the postponements and double-warm-ups) and it was my last chance. Start with the good news…I set a Personal Best. I want to dedicate the PR to the Wilhelm Family. On January 29, 2005, (3.5 years ago) I jumped 5.41 meters (17-9)...1231 days later I jumped 5.42 (17-9.5). A meager improvement on the surface but lets take a quick look at the details:

Date- June 14, 2008 January 29, 2005
Jump- 5.42m (17-9.5) 5.41m (17-9)
Run- 115' (8 Lefts) 120' (9 Lefts)
Takeoff- 13'2" 13'6"
Grip- 15'3" 15'5"
Pole Length- 15'6" 15'6"
Pole Flex- 16.7 CARBON 17.7 CARBON
Next Attempt- 5.52m 5.50m

Harder Better Faster Stronger…OLDER and WISER.

Bad News...I didn't qualify the Olympic Trials. Realistically, I had to
jump 5.57 to make it to 20th on the list (Still far away from 5.70, but
not unrealistic). I am in great shape…I promise there will be more
updates coming soon. I will try to jump again the same weekend of the
Trials (June 28-29), somewhere on July 12-13 and look too finish up the year at the
Gill Factory Vault on July 19th. If you believed…thanks


Anonymous said...

Way to go!

579cm said...

Thank you....

Christopher said...

hey man you did an awesome job this year and just think of all the things to come!! a PB is still a PB and there is still London in 2012 so keep living the dream and remember all the hard work will pay off

jasmine dixon said...

i'm late. lol. anyway, stay with it mane. i'm counting on you to be the first person i know to do the Olympics. and when you do, rember where you came from" the 40 ounce! lol (:

Eric Peters said...

Interested in vault this weekend (July 26) in Kansas City? visit www.brokenpole.com we would love to have you.

Contact info is on the website.