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#12- “Click, Click, Click”…

…that’s the sound my technique is making right now. That was a weak joke--I know. But it’s the truth; I had some issues when we moved back to 6 steps. This week things began to round into shape. About 75% of the way through practice on Monday (12/3), I had what teachers would refer to as the “AHHA Moment”. This epiphany occurred when I realized I was trying to create too much “down” pressure on the pole. This prevented me from finishing jumps and severely affected my height. I started to fix this by focusing on moving up the pole. On a 15’ pole holding at 14’, I jumped as high as I ever have from that grip. I went 12’6” from 3 lefts, 15’ from 4 lefts, 15’7” from 5 lefts, and 16’ from 6 lefts. I hope to jump higher from 6 lefts (17’ to be exact). FRIDAY IS THE DAY, and it will be fun. I will update the link on the “Schedule” once results are posted from the meet. I will also post video.

11/29- Lift-5 Upper body exercises, 3 lower body exercises; 6x150m hollows (slower around the curves), 6x50m with resistance, 6x50m get up and go’s any position
11/30- 8 Tunnel Stairs (2x every step, 2x every other step, and 2x double-leg hops = 2400 contacts)
12/3- Vault Day: full jumps from 6 lefts, 15’/19.3 from 84' (bar at 4.55m); 8x20 plyos
12/4- Lift-3 Upper body exercises, 3 lower body exercises; 4x75m at 80%, 8x50m with resistance, 4x75m 90% or faster
12/5- Vault Day: full jumps from 6 lefts, 15’/19.3 from 84' (highest bar at 4.80 with clearances at 4.45, 4.60)
12/6-Pre Meet Day
12/7- SIU-Jump at Noon

Some near makes at 4.85 (15'11") at 35 and 44 seconds.


Anonymous said...

You are all over that, just cant get it to stay up...you'll get it

Anonymous said...

Is this 6 lefts? Step looks anywhere from 11'6 to 12'6... Is your grip the same on all these? What are you grippig? 14'9 on a 15'6 carbon?

5.79 said...

To anonymous person #1: Thanks, 16' or higher is my goal from 6.

To anonymous person #2: This is 6 lefts, the tep should be at 12'3" ( but i had one at 11' and one at 13'...hard to tell at this quality). Grip is the same on every jump--14'2" on a 15' 19.3

Anonymous said...

14'2... that is impressive! Keep up the good work!