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Live Update on the Road- SIU


I placed 2nd (which doesn't really matter). I am disappointed with the
performance. I admit I had some nerves to work through in the meet. I
was more inconsistent today than I have been so far (go figure). Felt
good over 4.55 and 4.70, had a great 1st attempt at 4.85. I struggled a
little with my run as well. I will post the video/results soon.

No excuses, but I have to put this performance in perspective: 15'6"
from a 14' grip (that's about 6-12" lower than my goal, but as good as
I've ever jumped from there). I want to jump 19' from 15'4"-15'6" grip.
This isn't a 1 to 1 conversion. Grip height will change, I will get on a
longer run, I will get on bigger poles and I will jump higher (5.79cm).

Next track meet- Jan 4-5 Reno
No more stress, it's go time.

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Anonymous said...

Heights will come! Keep up the hard work.