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#11- Post Number Eleven

I am running out of things to say...(ask anyone who really knows me and they will tell you that NEVER happens). So this post will be a review, a clip show of all my posts. But please do not worry; I have a track meet on Friday, December 7th at the Southern Illinois University (I wont be competing from a full approach, so don’t expect a 5.50m or 5.79m jump). Hopefully I can set a personal best from 6 steps (anything over 5.05m or 16’6”), but we are not looking ahead.

Blog so far in a nutshell: This summer some of my close friends and teammates accomplished great things, which motivated me to take my training seriously. I moved to Champaign, Il to train with Bryan Carrel (Gill Athletics/University of Illinois). To sum up the training; I got my butt kicked for the first 6 weeks and started to get in shape after that. We picked up poles and instead of going back to 7 or 8 lefts from the start…I took baby steps. This is something coaches agree on. When I was in college, after we went through preseason we usually went back to full approaches. I usually would not go all the way back, I would start at 6-7 lefts and slowly work my way back to 9-10 lefts. But here I began from 2 steps and worked on technique…then 3, 4, 5 and today 6 lefts. I like this approach better, it makes vaulting easier on your body, when you are doing tough running workouts this doesn’t beat you up like running from a full approach does. And in the larger picture, I will probably be running from a full approach from January to August (hopefully) and I don’t want to get injured at any point. Back to the story…wait that pretty much brings everyone up to speed.

Outside of training: I got a transfer from the T-Mobile in Cincinnati to T-Mobile in Champaign. I was off work for about a month which made life a lot easier (SARCASM). But T-Mobile is featuring me in some internal publications in support of my training. I should have something to post in the middle or near the end of December. I have done some “sports modeling” for Gill, which I did get paid for (Awesome). In terms of my life outside of training that is all that I have to report. I have slowly started to approach businesses for support and I have also designed some cards/flyers to pass out at meets.

How you can show support for me:
-Donating: Click the donate link and pick your amount. Credit Card or PayPal only.
-Print or post flyers: Click here, download and print the flyer photo and post it in your office, home, or bulletin boards (or place it on your computer desktop).
-Link to my site: Place "Please Visit 579cm.blogspot.com" in the signature of your email or in the links section of your website.
-Spread the word: Continue to tell friends, family members and track fans about the site and encourage them to explore the entire site.
-Feedback: If you have any suggestions, comments or questions click here to email me.

Thank you for continued support.

Video from 11/26 and 11/28:

-First set of jumps: I am jumping in a black top, shirtless in some, black bottoms and white shoes.The bar is at 4.60m and 4.75m.Pole Series: 15' 21.8 and 20.0
-Second set of jumps: I am jumping in a white top, red bottoms and black shoes.First three jumps are at 4.60m and the rest of the jumps are at 4.90m.Pole Series: 15' 20.0, 19.3 and 18.9

11/22- Thanksgiving Dinner
11/23- Travel to Champaign
11/26- Vault Day: full jumps from 5 lefts, 15’/21.8 and 20.0 from 69' (bar at 4.75m); 8x20 plyos
11/27- Lift-4 Upper body exercises, 4 lower body exercises, 10x8 left pole runs and 4x200m @ 24, 27, 27 and 29
11/28- Vault Day: full jumps from 6 lefts, 15’/20.0, 19.3 and 18.9 84' (bar at 4.60m and 4.90m); 8x20 plyos


Anonymous said...

What has your weight been doing the last four months? the same with your strength in the weight room... your guns getting any bigger?

5.79 said...

I been around 145 the whole year...we just added the weight program for the outdoor season and I gained about 5 pounds in a week. Slowly working back into the weights, hopefully my weight won't continue to fluctuate.

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