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I was at work when I got this email and it made me stop what I was doing, take a 15 minute break, reminisce on how far I have progressed and what my goals are. I typed a nice response and went back to work feeling 10 times more motivated. If I know that what I do can inspire one person it motivates me to try to motivate 10 more people to achieve their dreams. Wanna share your story email jumpchrisjump@gmail.com or call/text me at 513-549-JUMP. Read the whole letter after the JUMP.

hey man i just wanted to write to you after reading the response from joe on your blog. i have been following your blog since you started it a while ago and i have have the chance to meet you and talk to you before and i wanted to say that i know where you are coming from with having fear and letting it hold you back. i was stuck at my previous college for 2 years and they didn't allow me to jump my first year with a broken back and then the next year i had to have an emergency surgery that sidelined me for a year. then i packed up my stuff and moved from my home in MI to TX to try to get back to jumping. its been a long road back and the year after an abdominal surgery i ended my season with a SB of 4.75m. Its below my PR and what i know i can do but i missed all of off-season training transferring to a new school. There is a reason to taking the time to tell you this i felt all last year that i couldn't do a lot of things cause people kept telling me that i couldn't. to be honest after the surgery i was never supposed to be able to jump again let alone handle training to jump big. I am now an athlete competing for a DI college team and i have gotten rid of the fear that i had of not being able to jump again or push my self and i am on my way to having the best season of my life. You have been an inspiration to me in the way that you have persisted and I feel that seeing someone keep at it like you did helped me make the move to TX where i feel that i have a chance to jump high. Keep at it man all your videos look great! and cant be worrying about being shorter then 6' i worried about that too and i am 5'11.5''. anyways best of luck to you keep training hard and you will get the heights you want! Oh and because of the move i am now also coaching for a private club in Ft.Worth TX and have worked with 2 HS boys over 16+ and an 8th grade girl over 11' so it all turned out well.

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