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Very close to new 6 inch bests

Had a great practice from 3 lefts today. Felt like I was keeping more energy in the pole. Feeling more efficient already. After seeing the some of the changes show up, it makes me think that I used to only depend on athleticism to jump. And by no means am I the world greatest athlete.

3 Left (6 steps, w/ walk up)
13' pole 13.5 carbon (180lbs from 3, im 150lbs)
12-11' grip
Bar at 4.30m (14')
6 inch PR

Ran out of pole today, which barely happens here. With the right timing on a 13'6" with a slightly higher grip i could possibly go as high as 4.40 from 3 Lefts. Very good day.

1 Left (2 steps, w/ walk up)
13' pole 19.5 carbon
11-4' grip
Bar at 3.30m
6 inch PR

Compare these to last years:
3 Lefts, 43.5'
13'6" 16.0 w/13'2" Grip
Clearance at 4.15m

1 Left Drill
18'5" approach
12'1" pole w/ a 11' grip (estimates)
Bar at 3.30m (10'9" ish)

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