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By way of Hatsfield...

This week I took a short trip to Kingston, JA to take care of some business. The trip turned out partially successful and I got my first opportunity to see where the Smith Family began. A few more steps to complete to make my dreams a reality. For now I'm back in Champaign doing whats most important: Training.

In Jamaica Athletics (track and field) is a big deal. A large factor behind my decision to compete there is the effect my success can have on other people lives.
I saw this Digicell commercial twice in one sitting:

And these ads at every Texaco I passed:

My good friend Sandra lent me her couch, so I could get up at 6am and do work.
Destination: This tent where I awaited my fate:

After 5 hrs, I returned to Avalon Court and took some pics of Waterloo Ave along the way:

We lost the battle.

But won the war...even if this goal is not attained; a great pole vaulter will still at the least be of Jamaican descent.

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