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NEW 3 LEFT PR- 4.30m

Of course I don't have the video. Here are the details:
3 lefts from 42', 11' take-off, 13'6" 16.0 Pacer FX, with a 13' grip

The jump was looking great off the ground, but I paused instead of keeping constant pressure on the pole. this caused a "flag out" position off the top, but with a slight brush of the chest I was over 4.30m.

This is from last season:
4 Lefts 56', 11' take-off, 14' 18.4 flex, 13'6" grip, Bungee/Bar at 4.30

I've topped what I was doing from 4 from 3...Already.

We raised the bar to 4.40m, I bumped my grip to just over 13-1 and had three close misses:
3 lefts from 42'
14' 18.4 Pacer Carbon, with a 13-1' grip
average of 10-9 on the take off.
I was getting a little fatigued and forcing the jumps, however my swing and release were much better than my earlier clearances at 4.00m and 4.30m.

I am more confident that with a very good (patient top end) jump, I can jump over 4.50m from three maybe even squeak over 15' exactly. I'll try a few more sessions from three then its on to four where I hope to raise my 4 Left PR by at least 6 inches and hopefully catch it on video.

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