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My second meet...

The first Friday Night Open at Gill was last Friday.
We had great conditions, but most people didn't make the most of them. I did okay. I came in wanting to set a personal best from 6 lefts (higher than 5m), more specifically 5.20m. I jumped 4.85 with one good look at 5m.

I came into the meet looking to stay relaxed and focused on my technique. The first jump of the day was at 4.55m...i jumped it on a 14'6" 15.3...smoked it, I'm looking for the video still.

This is 4.70m...

85.5' from 6lefts
14'3" grip on 15' 17.9


86' from 6 lefts
14'6" grip on 15' 17.6

86' from 6 lefts
14'6" grip on a 15' 17.0
Lesson: You have to keep the hands moving thru the take off...I paused for a second to catch up and my inversion suffered...still had decent ht. needed to finish this jump better.

Moving back to 7 lefts this week. We have some serious competitors coming to our little open meet series. Peep the entries for this Friday: http://www.pvelite.net/gillvaultseries/2009-05-29/registered.html

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