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Gill Meet #2- 4.70m on a 14'6"

Preparedness is the goal of all athletes. You practice and prepare for competitions and on those days when you compete the readiness you have procured should shine. However, there are times when the unexpected arises and then the goal switches from preparedness to adjustment. Athletes that can adapt on the fly usually have better success than those who can not. My poles were in Louisville, I was in Champaign. Therefore, I was forced to jump what was there. I jumped a series of 14'6" poles, that in the end left my grip a lot lower than my takeoff would have allowed. My speed from 6 and 7 lefts is getting better. And I'm looking forward to jumping with a higher grip from 7 this week. The picture is a still shot of me missing 5m on a 14'6" 14.1 carbon. I will add videos to this post later.
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