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#6- The first taste of defeat: 12'6"

I wrote previously that my goal was to clear 13 feet from 3 lefts, and I attempted and failed yesterday, but with some great attempts over the bar. That’s what the pole vault is about more than anything, especially for me. I have surely missed more bars than I have cleared in my life. But the bars you knock down represent more than misses. You learn what you have to do in order to clear that bar next time. I learned that I have to come off the pole clean and not sprawl wildly over the bar. I don’t think that 13 or 13 feet 6 inches should be a problem from 3 lefts. What if I jumped 14 feet from 3 lefts, 15 from 4, 16 from 5, and 17 from 6? That would be RIDICULOUS (good, great, awesome). Those are just goals to shoot for from each step. But I still have to keep my eyes on the eventual prize of qualifying for the trails by jumping 18 feet 9 inches(automatic qualifier) of anything over 18 feet (provisional mark) before June 15. That places everything I have done so far into perspective. I still need to get Stronger and Faster.

10/17- 10x 400 progressives and Hurdle Drills
10/18- Vault Day: full jumps from 3 lefts 13’6/18.4 from 42’
10/19-8 x Stairs, indoors (run every step, alternate legs hops, double leg hops and run every other step)
10/23- Vault Day: full jumps from 3 lefts 13’6/18.4 from 42’

Attached is a low quality video of what I need to work on from the 3 left approach.
As always thanks for reading. smitc1@tmail.com Questions or Comments?

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