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#5- The vaulting has begun...

So…I am a few days late, hopefully I can continue to update every 7-10 days (as long as my weekly readers remind me that I'm slacking). So last Tuesday was the first day of vaulting. We did several reps from 2 steps (1 left or 15 feet), then attempted full vaulting from 4 steps (2 lefts or 29 feet). I struggled. It definitely exposed the weaknesses in my take off and swing transitions. Maybe too much analysis, but I knew there was room for improvement. Thursday I wanted to correct my mistakes, by having a strong, consistent take off and staying in line with the pole on my swing up. Thursday was better than Tuesday, I took several full 2 step jumps on a 13 foot/22.1 flex (13/140). I felt as if I was attacking more, but still not to the level that will help me clear 12 feet from 2 steps (a lofty aspiration). I will continue to attack and be sure to remember to start on my "new" foot. I'm starting to think I might need different color shoes to remember which foot to start with (or I can just be an athlete and do it right, every time).

10/10- 10 Slide box drills from 8 steps (4 lefts or 59 feet) indoors, 6x200m and 5 skip for distance outdoors
10/11- Pole Vault Drills: 2 step and 4 step drills, 6x50m sled pulls, 4x150, Bubkas and Swings
10/12- 7x Stadium Stairs (each set consisted of running up the actually bleachers; then hopping up 5x on the left, 5x times on the right, until you reach the top; and hopping up with feet together) and 4x50m strides
10/15-1x400m @ 65; 2x300m @ 44, 46; 3x200 @ 28, 30, 30; 4x100 @ 13 each, Med Ball circuit at each distance change
10/16-Pole Vault Day: 2 step and 4 step drills/full vaults, 6 step full jumps, 6x50m weighted, 6x50m, 6x30m sled pulls, Bubkas and Swings

O what a difference 2 steps make. I looked horrible from 2 steps, decent from 4 steps and pretty good from 6 steps. It took a while to progress through steps and poles on Tuesday, but I ended up being on the biggest pole I have jumped on from 3 lefts. At the end of the day, I had several strong jumps on a 13 foot/16.1 (13/165) from 6 steps (3 lefts or 41.5 feet). With speed being the strength of my vault, adding steps always makes me look better technically than I actually am (to a certain extent). Things looked well, as if I could jump a 15.0 flex from the same run and grip, possibly even a 13 foot jump from 3 lefts. It would be cool if all things remained constant and I could jump 12 feet from 2 steps, 13 feet from 3 steps, 14 feet from 4 steps, 15 feet from 5 steps, 16 feet from 6 steps, and 17 feet from 7 steps; I'll stop there, but you can assume the rest. Basically, if my technique continues to progress as well as my speed does, with each step I will PR and jump 5.79 from a 9 left approach (ultimate goal for the year).
FYI- I have jumped 5.35 from 10 steps and 5.41 from 9 steps, so I have to continue to perfect my technique.

Well that's all I have for this week. If I'm talking pole vault jargon please let me know and I will gladly translate. I will see you again next week. smitc1@tmail.com Questions or Comments?

Ps- Photos from the Gill Ad will be added as soon as the ad is finished.

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