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2.3: Where the hell have I been?

Man this has been a challenging year thus far. Three months and 3 posts. Talk about a lack of motivation. To be honest there has not been to much to type about. Since my last post, that is. I remember back to high school Latin class when I though "Achilles is a punk...I would fight on one leg is I had to". Its ironic how those thoughts have come back to bite my right foot. The tendinitis in my Achilles/heel has limited my activity. Workouts have become a hindrance, because instead of making me stronger or faster, they ofter make me FEEL weaker because I can't support the weight of my body, while running. The silver-lining in the gray clouds, is that its not my take off foot. This is probably the most discomfort I have had since restarting full-time training last September.

Ha Ha. That was the bad part of the post. With all that said, I have still jumped higher from each step this year. 1 left pr (previous post), 2 lefts jumped 13' on a pole I never touched last year (too small), 3 lefts jumped my 2007 2 left pole = PR, 4 lefts jumping 14'+ on my 3 left pole. Confusing? A little bit, because my speed has been taken out of the equation, even more than before. I have grabbed smaller and smaller poles, used a narrower grip, ran with better rhythm and jumped just as high. This to me shows me that I have the skill that I have often claimed I didn't. I used to pride myself on the "lack of technique" I used to make up for with my acceleration penultimate to takeoff. I have always envisioned myself as a drag race car on the quarter-mile or a hurdler in the 60mHH. I try to get up to speed as fast as possible, then maintain running technique, then about 40 feet from the box I max out and try to "cross the finish line" as hard as possible. But when the parachutes are popping or the sprinters or gasping for breath with their hands on their knees...the vault is just beginning. Therein lies my problem, I could get to the box with enough force to complete a vault at the takeoff. The absence of a "rhythmic vault" often led to erratic air results. For the last month that has not be the case; I can only pray I get to the box with enough strength the push off my right foot, to hit my takeoff step in a good position. But if I get there, I can use my swing more effectively since I don't really have to worry about crushing the pole. I can work on getting my hips higher in the inversion, gotta keep my legs together though.

I got a call from my boy Brian Moonshine (sp.). He is doing very well at Bell's hit his youtube page to see his progress. We basically talked about how our seasons were going. I realized in the conversation that we both had achieved our successes this year by doing technical work we usually ignored in the pursuit of higher heights. This has also helped me keep my focus on jumping higher, not just popping a big jump once a year. With that said I don't plan to hit a bunch of meets (unless I can go jump without any cost). Just stay home get really fast, jump really high and hit Bloomington (IL and IN), GVSU, and other close meets to perform at the "elite" level I'm supposed to. Indoor USA? Not really a goal yet. Trying to work on some "things" that may preclude me from jumping in that meet. 5.70m? Be on the lookout for that...Qualifier for the World Meet in Berlin in 2009.

Thanks for reading. Thanks to everyone checking in on me. I am suffering from "athletic depression", but still trying, valiantly (might I add). Champions aren't made by success, they are made when they strive and struggle. Comment and let me know if you are out there.

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