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2.2- The 1 Left Challenge

This year we added 1 Left to the pole vault progression. My goal this year is 11' from 1 left, and I have came close several times. Overall I am satisfied with my progress from this step and I am ready to add that much needed left.

Today looked a lot better, than my last day from 1 Left. (((click pics to enlarge)))

Here my head is more neutral in the 3.30, I was "burying my chin" in the 3.15 jump.

Although I had more bend in the 3.15 jump (it was 17.5 flex, compared to to a 16.7 in the 3.30 jump) I had less lift. Also, notice that in the 3.30 jump that butt doesn't sink as low. In essence, I am higher on the pole than in the 3.15 jump.

Inversion: The picture tells the tale here. The 3.30 jump was just more clean with less time. Overall that's the place I want to invert to in every jump. THIS IS HUGE, I could barely hit this position from a full run last year. Sign of jumps to come? I hope so.

I exhibited the same hip height over each height but the 3.30 bar is 6 inches higher.

Nothing like comparison. Stay tuned for results from 2 lefts on Thursday, old PR 3.95 meters (about 13'). Comments/questions? Hit me up...cgarricksmith@gmail.com

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