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Forget Mike, I wanna be like Mary.

Basically there is really one way to be great in track, be a beast in elementary school alllll the way through college and right into the pros (i.e. google Allison Felix). BUT, then there are anomalies, people who persevere and refuse to quit. Mary "Danner" Wineberg is one of those anomalies. She will admit that she wasn't the best high schol athlete...and college probably did not pan out like she thought it would. After college she went to California to train at the Olympic Training Center and once again she was disappoitned with the results. Came back to cincinnati put in some serious work before the 2004 Trials, and she got last. Actually she got 8th in the Finals that means she outran more than 75% of all the entrants. But still that is a the point where most people would say I'm getting too old or throw in the towel. However, since that disappointing defeat shes has aged like a fine wine...and has been making her younger counterparts take note. For example since 2004...she has decrease her PR by 2 seconds. If you are not a track person let me just tell you...THAT IS SICK. I look up to Mary, because it makes me feel like no matter where you are in your life, if you have faith in youself and God you can do the impossible.

579cm.blogspot.com salutes Mary Wineberg.

Don't beleive me, check the stats...the girl's got skills (as the other Wineberg puts it- "She's the New Wilma Rudolph"..minus the leg-braces)
-http://www.wlwt.com/news/15777419/detail.html?taf=cin -check out her news story, ignore the latest Chris Henry Assault...
-Visit her site http://www.marywineberg.com/

-Her article in Cincinnati Magazine>>>>

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Mary said...

Hey Chris,
Thank you so much for showing me some love on your blog page!!! Chris and I both wish you all the success!!! You know we definitely miss you and can't wait to see you return to CINCY, so that we can hang like the old days.

As you train each and every day, I just want you to remember that GOD has a plan for each and every one of us. Don't stop believing in yourself because as you have seen dreams can become reality. Good luck and best wishes on your road to the Olympic Trials!!!!
Here is something that I read daily
"To be a great champion you must believe you are the best. If you're not pretend you are"- MUHAMMAD ALI