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Video from 4/2/08

First vault day outside since August.

4 Lefts, 54', 14'0 18.4, 13'2" Grip, a little cold out, the bungee was up but I wasn't jumping the height. My last two jumps felt pretty awkward, but looked a lot cleaner.

Stay tuned for the results from Cincinnati this Saturday. I plan jumping 14'6" poles from 6-7 Lefts...Packed in the bag I have 17.8-13.8 it could be interesting... goal from 6, 16-6 goal from 7, 17-3...supposed to get some good weather, wish me luck.

P.S. Here is the visitor data since November, I expected Ohio and Illinois to be at the top, but I am suprised at some of the other states logging-on. Let me know where you are visiting from. Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

I was looking at the heat sheets for the Oliver Nikoloff Invitational, is it true you will be running the 800 along with the pole vault