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#22- The Time is Now.

-New Email- cgarricksmith@gmail.com
-I updated the countdown timer to reflect the last day to qualify for the Olympic Trials (6/15/2008)
-5.50m is the B Standard, 5.70m is the A Standard (visit usatf.org for more info).

The Post:
The only people more worried about June than me are high school kids. Of course they want it to comes a quickly as possible, I don't. I want to qualify for the Trials and I need to do it by 6/15 in a USATF sanctioned meet. Meaning= I don't have much time to PR by 30cm and make the A Standard. I am a little nervous, but I am applying lessons learned Indoors to my Outdoor season. Basically take it slow in the beginning and go crazy in the last few weeks. My first couple of planned meets will be no more than glorified practices, but once April 30th gets here I basically have 4-5 chances to 'chase the mark'.

Let's get more perspective on this mark. When I was 17 my best jump was 3.96m, 18 = 4.75m, 21 = 5.22, 22 = 5.41m. Now that I am 25, I am still chasing a mark that getting a master's and taking time off has precluded me from. I need that 30cm (1 foot), plain and simple. It's a been a few years coming. What do I need to do to get it? JUMP HIGHER, basically. What are my plans...continue to kick into high gear. Keep destroying my workouts, keep lifting and getting the core stronger, staying focused. Suggestions? Advice? Email me.

The Philosophical:
I have attempted to stay positive about my training and goals. Positive thinking leads to positive actions, which leads to beneficial results. This endeavour has become my life and it continues to blur the line between dreams, goals and realities. A great man once said "And so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream." He dreamed that anyone, regardless of physical attributes, could be free to carry out their dreams and pursue happiness. That dream lives through me, and as long as I am able, I will fight to make my dreams a reality. (What are you doing to make you dreams a reality?)

Thanks for reading.

3/20- Long Run: 10 Mins. on Indoor Track, 10 Mins. on a Stair Loop
3/21- OUTDOORS: 5x200 FAST (but by myself) 32, 30, 27, 27, 26 secs.
3/24- Hotel Workout in Chicago: Lift (Hammers: Squat 3x6, 5, 4 @ 185, 205, 225 and Bench 3x8, 7, 6 @ 185, 195, 205 and Upper Body Circuit), Treadmill Intervals 10x30 secs. on fast (10 mph)/60 secs. slow (4 mph)
3/25- Hotel Workout in Chicago: Lift (Snatch 3x8 @ 135, SLD 3x8 @ 185 and Upper Body Circuit), Treadmill Over-speed 5x30 secs. (12 mph @ 10 Degree Incline) 5x15 secs. (15mph @12 Degree Incline)
3/27- 10x50m Sled Pulls @ 25 lbs; 4x200m (27, 27, 27, 32 secs.)
3/29- 6 Sets of Quick Stairs w/ 2x40m Accelerations in between
Video: 3/31-Lift (Squat 3x6, 5, 4 @ 185, 205, 225 and Bench 3x6, 5, 4@ 185, 195, 200 and Upper Body Circuit), Vault Day: 6 Lefts , 83', 14'6" 17.1/16.3/15.3/14.8, 14'4" Grip, Bar @ 4.50m o/4.65m o/4.80m xo/4.95m xxx

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