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#9: 1st Day from 5 lefts; I Crave Speed

Today was a good day, mostly because I was running from 5 lefts or about 70 feet. And based on my experience speed is good. The faster I go, the higher I go...and I want to go really high. I struggled adjusting to the 3 left and 4 left approaches, because I could not utilize my speed. Therefore, I had to focus more on my technique, which is a good thing in many ways. With that said, I will need to make a few more adjustments from 5 lefts before I am completely comfortable. This week will get better I’m sure. I have attached video of the jumps from 11/7 and hopefully I will be able to post some 5 left videos next week.

On another note, Mario vs. Sonic at the Olympic Games just released and it has pole vault on it. So that is currently occupying a lot of my free time (LOL… nothing like a little virtual reality). Please feel free to comment or ask questions by either emailing me or using the comment link at the end of the post. Also please email a link to this blog to anyone you think might be interested in reading.


11/6- 10x Slide Box (from 5 lefts), 6x100m 6x50m w/ Resistance, and 6x50 w/o Resistance
11/7- Vault Day: full jumps from 4 lefts, 14'6/20.4 and 19.3 from 55.5', 8x20 plyos and Bubkas
11/8-2x5 Jump-offs, 6x50m pole runs w/ Resistance, 4x50m pole runs w/o Resistance
11/9- 20x Stairs, indoors (run every step, run every other step)
11/12- Vault Day: full jumps from 5 lefts, 15’/21.0 and 20.0 from 69.5', 8x20 plyos and (bungee at 4.90m)


Anonymous said...

Chris! Keep it up baby you seem to be on the right path. Lets make it so the next time we see each other it will be at the O-Trials. Peace and Love B.Haber

5.79 said...

Hope CANAD-IA is treaining you well...keep up the hard work