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#8- Don't Stop Believin'

One of the benefits on living/training in Champaign is that the Gill Factory attracts many different people. This weekend I got a chance to meet Tim Werner of Advantage Athletics. I grew up comparing myself to the sequence photos on his site. He provided some criticisms, and Bryan and I went right to work Monday. I have to focus on improving the key components of my jump: 1. Drive the chest forward on the plant, 2. Swing at the shoulders and not the hips, 3. Drop the shoulders under the top hand and wait. I'll continue to work on these components in the weeks to come. I have one more day from 4 lefts and then we will go to 5 lefts for 2-3 weeks. I hope that I can jump 15' clean from 4 and 16'6" from 5. Then from 6 or 7 lefts, I may see a serious PR.

10/30- 8x75m Get up and Go's (sprinting from a static position) and 6x50m w/ Resistance
10/31- 10x Walking Plants, 6x Slide Box (from 5 lefts), 6x50m w/ Resistance, 8x100m
11/1-Vault Day: full jumps from 4 lefts, 14'6/20.4 from 55.5', 8x20 plyos and Bubkas
11/2- 8x Stairs, indoors (run every step, run every other step, alternate single leg hops, double leg hops)
11/5- Vault Day: full jumps from 4 lefts, 14'6/19.3 from 55.5', 8x20 plyos and Bubkas (bungee at 4.60m)

Stay tuned...we're gonna touch the sky Questions or Comments? Email smitc1@tmail.com


Cincibaby said...

Hey there,
As your "ole" yearbook teacher, I want you to know how very proud of you I am!! I will be following your progress as you win a medal. You know I always taught you to dream big and make your dreams a reality! Work hard and then harder and you will succeed. Keep in touch and Good Luck!

5.79 said...

Thank you for showing me some love, I always knew you had my back.