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#7- Gravity is my enemy: 14 feet from 4 Lefts

I don’t have much to say for this post; except that I just finished indulging on some not-so-healthy Chinese food. Why? I had to reward myself for meeting my goal on my first day running from 4 lefts. My form was not the best and the practice started off a little shaky, but things rounded into form and for the first time EVER I ended practice with my best jump. I was pretty content (only because I ran out of poles). We are still waiting on a shipment of 14 foot poles to show up. Once that happens I may go 14’6” or 15’ from 4 lefts. Today I completed my jumps on a 13’6” 15.1 flex PACER Carbon (13’6” 175) from 54.5 feet. Hopefully, I can add more height from 4 lefts, we will move to 5 lefts in 2 weeks.

10/24- Vault Day: full jumps from 3 lefts 13’6/17.6 from 42.5’ and 8x10 plyos
10/25- 14x200 indoors and Pulley exercises
10/26-11 x Stairs, indoors (run every step, run every other step and double leg hops) and 6x50 strides
10/29- Vault Day: full jumps from 4 lefts 13’6/15.1 from 54.5’ and 8x20 plyos

In the video there is a photographer taking pictures of the practice. T-Mobile will feature employees with interesting hobbies in the December edition of Splash Magazine, an employee publication. I will post the article once it published. Thanks to Alice and the photographer for helping me out. Hopefully, the extra press will keep me motivated if there are tough times.

Thanks for reading. smitc1@tmail.com Questions or Comments?

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