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#3- "dont kill me, can only make me STRONGER"

So that’s one month in the books. As Brian will tell you (just as he has told everyone), I could not finish a 20 minute run on September 4th. However, in the last two weeks I have ran 4 miles in 36:55 and a quick 30 minute run over a few hills. On top of that I was close to the front of every rep on every workout. Once again I want to point out the competitive training attitude of the Fighting Illini Pole Vaulters; for they most part they are brining the pain (to me).

How do I feel? GREAT, actually, I feel like I am getting back into strong shape and after I tackle this week I will grab a pole and begin revamping my vaulting style in hopes to gain more technical advantages. I am still getting to know Champaign/Urbana and besides the parking issues, I have few complaints. I finally have a job with T-Mobile again (Great Health Plan) and I have picked up some online jobs. So things seem to be rounding into shape, and I am determined to remain positive in the face of any adversity.

What am I doing? Still training, shooting for a strong qualifying jump and planning to peat at the trials, ON THAT DAY; to get there I have to continue to strengthen and train and here are some of the workouts. (by the way I take Saturdays off).

9/17- Circuit w/ 300m x 3
9/18- 8x400m Progressives and Hurdle Mobility
9/19- Circuit w/ 300m x 3
9/20- 1 on, 1 off for 14 minutes
9/21- 8x Steep Hills and Abs
9/23- 37 Minute Run (4.2 miles)
9/24- Circuit w/ 400m x 3 and Hurdle Mobility
9/25- Upper Body Circuit (5 Stations), Abs and 4x125 Strides
9/26- Plyos, Circuit* w/ 400m x 4 and Hurdle Mobility
9/27- 30 Minute Run
9/28- 10x Steep Hills and Abs
9/30- 1000 Meters Total Volume (5x200m)

smitc1@tmail.com if you have questions or comments.

*Here is the toughest Circuit we did on Weds 9/26
4 x 10 Tuck Jumps
4 x 60sec MB Rocky Full Twists
4 x 25 x Abdominal Cramps
4 x 20m partner resistance
4 x 10 4-count Burpees
4 x 120m run
4 x 45sec MB Chest Pass
4 x 60sec Rope Skip
4 x 50m A-Skip
4 x 50m Lunges
4 x 20 Pushups
4 x 45sec BW Squats
4 x 400m run

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