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#4- A lot on tap… (no pv pun intended)

So it has been a busy week and 2 days (thanks “Focke” for reminding me to update); I am attempting to update at least ONCE a week now. Where to start this week? Hmm, well on a side note I have my new Blackberry Curve (which operates on WiFi and also gives me free calls over WiFi *hint*). This should make posting easier and produce better pictures.

Next…last week was supposed to be the first week of vaulting, but we needed another week of conditioning. It was more like three days of necessary torture. Here were the workouts from 10/1-10/9:

10/1- 1 on/off (jog/run) @ 16 mins, 2 sets of med ball and push ups
10/2- 10x400m Progressives (walk, jog, stride, run) and 4x10 bounds
10/3- 1x400m @ 60s, 2x300m @ 45s, 3x200m @ 30s, 4x100m @ 15s- med ball at each distance change
10/4-Photo shoot (Regular workout- 20 min run, Actual- 20x15m. repetitive for shoot.
10/5-2x10 Hills @ Steep hill and Abs (we skipped the 6x50m strides somehow)
10/6 and 7- Rest and Relaxation with Leslie
10/8- 8 Station Circuit with 200m @ 32 (indoor) between each station
10/9-Pole Vault Drills: 2 step take-off drills, 4 step jumps

Last week was very tough; basically it gets harder everyday. That means there is a challenge (so hard in a good way). The first three days really pushed my limits and made me feel a lot better about pacing myself over longer sprints. Wednesday was the pinnacle of the tough workouts, I missed the time on one 300m (47s) and one 200m (26s), but I finished my 4x100m in fast times (14s, 14s, 14s, 13s). Thursday I took the “day off”. Bryan landed me a sweet deal to be a part of a Gill Advertisement (the photographer was awesome- check out http://www.chrisbrownphoto.com/), thanks to everyone who made it a success. I hear the pictures turned out great; once I get some copies I will post them and the eventual ad. Side-note: made a little cash and scored a free uniform out of it, plus a little local press.

This week got off to a rocky start, after moving all the pits and poles around we ran a short workout, which turned out to be a FAST workout. There’s something about running next to or chasing someone, which brings out the worst in my competitive nature. I ran every 200 like I was at the Olympics Trials already. And I damn near ran myself into a malnutrition-induced coma. O well live and learn…it didn’t kill me. STRONGER. Tuesday- I should have just killed myself; it was the first day we picked up poles for short run drills and it was U-G-L-Y…without sufficient alibi. I have to learn to start my run off my right foot (i.e. my first step is to my right then left, as opposed to my backwards style, which often takes a half stride out of every run), I also have to learn to attack from 1 left as if I am attacking from 10 lefts. I get to go at it again Thursday; I will be headed back to Cincinnati Friday night and will return Sunday to update on how Vault Day 2 goes. With 260 days to go, I feel comfortable, which is a bad thing…I am switching to 4th gear. Peace.

mailto:smitc1@tmail.comif you have questions or comments.

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