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#2- Get back in shape...

I updated my blog 13 days ago, after I had finally settled in to my new place. 2 weeks and later and 11 workouts later, I found that I was out of shape and facing an uphill battle. We took Week 1 pretty slowly and I’m embarrassed to say, I had to drop out of a 20 minute run after 17 minutes. The week went on and the workouts got easier and by the end of Week 1 I was pretty sore and tired. For the start of week 2 I worked out with a group of pretty fit college students. In a few of the runs, I fell back (and was passed on some occasions) by the fresh men (OUCH!!!). But I will give the University of Illinois pole vaulters credit; they are in excellent early season shape and form. Once again more inspiration for me to improve my fitness levels before we grab the poles.

Speaking of which we will pick the poles up around October 1st. Until then, I am attempting to kick ass in the workouts and get back to being in top shape. That way once the poles are in hand I can make serious adjustments to my technique, while continuing to gain strength. Workouts were as follows:

9/3- 10 Minute Run and Abs
9/4- (the infamous) 17 Minute Run
9/5- 8x400m, Stride straights, walk curves
9/6- Hurdle Mobility and 5x400m jog
9/7- Steps (run up walk down)
9/9- 22 Minute Run
9/10- Circuit w/ 300m x 3
9/11- 8x400m Progressives
9/12- Plyos and Circuit w/ 300m x 3
9/13- 25 Minute Run
9/14- Hills and Abs
9/16- 20 Minute Run

smitc1@tmail.com if you have questions or comments.

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