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September Training Recap

September is conditioning month every year. The workouts consist of high volume running over longer distances. Traditionally, I have struggled with conditioning. 30 minute runs, progressive 400m, 1 on/1 off are all workouts that help us build a base to lift and sprint more effectively before we begin working on technique. This year is no different. It has been a tough month of harder and harder runs, topped off with ankle injury to round the month out.

As we move into October, I will begin the month rehabbing my foot. I will continue to do low intensity, high volume conditioning (bike, swim, etc) while beginning to focus on my lifting and vault technique more. Once I am cleared to run again, we will be focusing more on speed and acceleration with higher intensity over shorter distance.

Injuries are inconvenient for athletes, yet they are healthy reminders that we are all human and the gifts afforded to us by our creator shouldn't be taken for granted. Why? Because in the blink of an eye, your talents can be rendered useless. While I work through the injury it will give me time to focus on building the strength and flexibility that prevents further injury in the future. Stay tuned for more updates.
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