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jumpchrisjump.com: traveling (with poles)

I arrived at the Detroit Metro Airport around 3am. I walked what felt like a mile, but was only about 1000 feet with the poles on my shoulder, then I ran into a gracious shuttle driver to let me jam the poles in as such. We drove about two actual miles with the poles jammed against the window and halfway out the door. 
After about 2 hours of discussing prices with the baggage agent I shoveled over $175 dollars to get my oversize (50lb) bag on the 737 jet. I left my $4000 bag sitting in the middle of the airport. I was unsure even then if it would reach my final destination with me.
Got on the plane and napped. Got off in the ATL...rushed over to my gate just in time to see my bag getting loaded on the plane to Kingston, Jamaica. Awesome. 

When I landed in Kingston, I spent over an hour going the through customs. When I reached the baggage area to my dismay not long red and gray bag was waiting for me. To be continued...

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