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Princeton grad chases Olympics, fights hunger

Chris Smith, 27, a Princeton High School graduate, is pursuing his dream of pole-vaulting in the Olympics, all while raising funds and awareness for the fight against hunger and malnutrition. Smith is one of 15 athletes participating in G Movement, a national partnership between the leading sports nutrition brand Gatorade and the global humanitarian group Action Against Hunger that harnesses the power of athletics to tackle global hunger.

After coming just three inches short of qualifying for the Olympics in 2008, the dual Jamaican-American citizen, who's trying out for the Jamaican national team, is attempting again.

This time, he's set a new goal: 5.50 meters, which would be a new Jamaican National Record. In addition to a full-time job, Smith is training for hours a day until June 25, when Jamaican National tryouts begin.

If he makes the team, he will be eligible to compete in the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India.

As a kid, Smith participated in free and reduced lunch programs, so he's passionate about combating hunger.
"When I realized I could use my skills to fight hunger, I couldn't pass up the chance. My athletic goals are important, but I'm also devoted to making a difference in the world," he said

Chosen by G Movement for his extraordinary motivation, Smith was provided a year's supply of Gatorade sports drinks and a $2,000 training grant.

Through the program, Smith is well on his way to building a network of supporters to help him raise vital funds for Action Against Hunger's global humanitarian programs.

Get to know Smith as he trains for his challenge: www.actionagainsthunger.org/g-movement/christopher-smith.

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