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Week 3

Exercise        Distance        Reps/time       Notes
Monday  21-Sep  2009
Sides   N/A     8       hold mechanics - good form start to finish
Bound   50      6       cover a little ground - NOT for distance
ABS     N/A     a lot

Tuesday 22-Sep  2009    indoor track
hurdle mobility N/A     4       lead lft, lead rt, walk lft, walk rt, snake
sand plants     N/A     12 to 14        one left no turn
pole runs       50      10-Jan

Wednesday       23-Sep  2009
Progressive     400     10      consistancy but push a little
ABS     N/A     a lot

Thursday        24-Sep  2009
pole runs       19-Feb  10
Run     N/a     30 min  push a conversation pace

Friday  25-Sep  2009
Hills   short side      20      2 sets of 10
stride  40      6
ABS     N/A     a lot

Saturday        26-Sep  2009
active  do something    45 min  get out and get active/break a sweat

Sunday  27-Sep  2009
Rest    N/A     REST

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