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#20- “We’re Halfway There…”

Actually we’re unofficially halfway there. I already touched on the overall indoor season performance, and it’s fair to say the performance was lackadaisical (in terms of what I wanted to accomplish, not in terms of effort). But like always yesterdays are easily forgotten. March has already been a great month (3 days in?), I broke my first pole in 8 years during the last week of February, I was religious in the weight room, and I feel healthier already. My plan for March is to train smart and remain healthy, I want to stay in the weight room 4 days a week (1 day heavy lifts, 1 day circuit lifts,1 day off, 1 day heavy lifts, 1 day circuit lifts, and weekends off). After having gone back to some heavy volume stuff, I have felt a little out of shape. So the next few weeks, I will also focus on building some endurance. I have also committed myself to waking up and doing some sort of physical activity every morning at 6am. My goal is to do it for the next 115 days or more, just to re-align my commitment with my goals. .

Some other fun info- T-Mobile Corporate shot a video of what I was trying to do this year. The crew they sent out was great. Hopefully once the video is posted on the Internal Diversity Website, I will upload a copy to the blog. It’s awesome to have a lot of people supporting/backing me. Hopefully I can Live up to the HYPE and out-perform expectations—yours and mine.

Check out these two videos of me doing some vaulting for distance. This is preparation for perfecting my inversion on my longer runs/poles.

2/25- Vault Day: 7 Lefts, 99', 15' 17.1/16.5, Cleared Bar @ 5.00m from 7 Lefts; Moved in to 5 Lefts 69', 15'/17.9, Grip 14'3"
2/26- Lift (Squat, Cleans and Bench 3x8,7,6 and Upper Body Circuit)Pull-Ups and Abs 2/27 - Vault Day: 4 Lefts, 55.5', 14' 18.4, broke a 19.5 (first break in 8 Years), Vault for distance
2/28- Lift (Bench and Squat @ 3x6 165, Lower Body and core circuit), Med Ball Circuit (8 station and 200m) x 4
2/29- AM Workout (8am-10am): 6x Fast Stair Workout, Lift atfter (Heavy Bench and upper body circuit)
3/1-2- OFF
3/3- Vault Day: 3 Lefts, 43', 13'6" 19.1,12'4" Grip, Vault for distance

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