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Live Update- GVSU

8 Lefts 115.5' 16' 20.0/20.8 15' Grip 4.91 xxo 5.06 xxo 5.21 xpp 5.36 pxx

Crazy height over every bar, 1-2 feet under on every take off (I forgot how fast the track was), still jumped and moved the 16' 20.0 gripping 15', a few crazy landings, 2 akward bar clearances, did I mention I finished a jump with a 11-6 takeoff (crazy) = 5.05m again

At least I know why I didn't go higher- My Takeoff.Lou invited me back next week, so since I didn't jump nearly as high as I could have, I'm gonna go back. As always Bryant (D2 Champ, multiple times) brought some great competition and was a great host.

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