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#18- injury nor lack-o-Internet will deter...

As the title suggest...I have been hurt and internet-less (a deadly combination for an athlete's blog. I started to feel a slight tightness in my knee two weeks ago, the meet at IU on 2/2 didn't seem to bother it much. I jumped well in practice last Monday, pushed it a little too hard Tuesday in a sprint workout/lift. Weds-Friday I was sidelined, I could not run and I could barely bend my knee. Took some R & R this weekend in hopes that the "irritation" would die down. No such luck; I went to practice to day with a bit of a hobble and determined to jump. I put together a decent day from 6 Lefts. (Crosscheck the stats if you must) From 6 lefts, I jumped a 15' 17.9/17.5/17.1 with a 14'6" grip, over a 5.20m bungee. Once my PC decides to connect to the Internet I will upload the video and link them. (If you wanna donate---now would be a great time, by the way...I'm in dire need of a new computer...and hopefully I won't go bankrupt paying for medical treatments and doctor visits). With all that said, I have one more meet. It's at Grand Valley State, my home away from the home that's my home away from HOME. Lol. Both of my trips up to Michigan have been great ... Lou and Bryant are great hosts.

5.50m is the still the indoor goal but with this naggin' knee thing I'm not gonna push it unnecessarily. To all the athletes out there: learn to listen to what your body is telling you.

1/24- 6 Pole Runs thru the Speed Trap (avg 1.12 seconds) and 6 sprints thru the Speed Trap w/o pole (avg 1.05 seconds) the pole adds about .07 seconds over the last 10 meters
1/25- Pre-Meet
1/26- U of I Meet (1st Place): 8 lefts, 115’, 26' Mid, 16’ 20.8, Grip 15'= Cleared 5m
1/28- Vault Day: 4 lefts, 56', 15' 19.4/19.8/20.0/21.8, 14' Grip, CLEARED 15' BAR, NEW PR.
1/29- Lift: Big Bench and Snatches, Arm/ Leg Circuit; 2x150m, 4x100m, 6x50m
1/30- Vault Day: 6 lefts, 84', 15' 18.5/17.9/17.5, 14'7" Grip, CLEARED 5.00m, NEW PR.
1/31- 6x 8 left slide box drills, 4x50m fast
2/1- Pre-Meet
2/2- IU Meet (3rd Place): 8 lefts, 115’, 26' Mid, 16’ 20.0, Grip 15'= Cleared 5.05m
2/4- Vault Day: 6 lefts, 84', 15' 18.5/17.9/17.5/17.1, 14'6" Grip, Bungees @ 15' and 17'

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