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Reporting from the sidelines...@HollisPV vs. @bryantwilson_48

The last few weeks have been challenging because I've been battling a nagging ankle injury. Couple that with a crazy work schedule and you get an erratic workout schedule. But when vaulters come to pick up poles from Champaign its always a party.

I have included film Mark Hollis and Bryant Wilson putting on a show from their respective short runs. These guys are good, better yet great from any run or grip. Check out the video: 

Although I am hobbled I'm still working. What do you do when you hurt your strong leg? Make the weaker leg stronger. Video:

The hurdles are spaced 5 feet apart and we are jumping 2 hurdles at a time. A pretty tough plyo drill. As you can see Bryant is progressing through our program. He completes the drill easily off both legs. I could only land the drills on my right. Nonetheless, I matched the challenge.

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