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jumpchrisjump.com VIDEO: 2 Lefts 11/4

2 Lefts 
12-6 14.8 Flex Skypole
13' 17.1 Flex Carbon 
12' Grip 
The top 2 bungees are at 13' and 15'

Having a sprained ankle and scar tissue isn't that bad if you just run, jump and ignore it. I put the pain out of my mind and just gave it a shot. Remember, "Pain is Temporary and Pride is Forever" .MY hurt ankle is my left, aka takeoff foot. So, I did start practice a little soft. But after I started blowing through the Skypole, I bumped grip and worked on swinging from top to bottom. I am getting into a much better position to set up and execute the inversion. Yet, I am still peeling off the pole. Basically at full inversion, I am losing sight of my hands and the pole and separating as I approach the bar. The best way to fix this is to keep tight to the pole and start working the quarter turn AROUND the pole. Stay tuned for more updates. Questions or Comments? Email me or Call/Text Me 513-549-5867

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