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jumpchrisjump.com: Rodney Batiste

jumpchrisjump.com vaulter profile: Rodney Batiste 

Workout Summary:
My vault workout consists of three phases. The first phase is strength training. I follow the p90x program five days of the week; the other two days I substitute them with a day of pole vaulting drills. The second phase is the pole vault drills phase. I will start this phase after i am finished p90x. This phase is an apparatus of pole vault drills. One day will be pole sprints with different amounts of rights (lefts for a right handed vaulter) and plyometrics. Another day will be rope drills and a few gymnastic exercises I can do around the house. At night in this phase I will do pole vault specific strength training exercises. The third and final phase is the pre-competition phase. I will put emphasis on pole vault drills and light pole vault specific strength training. This phase will let my body heal and recover from the other two rigorous phases.(soreness,injury,etc.)

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