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Beartracks - Early Bird Relays

VOL. 30   NO. 11                                                                                                                                            March 22, 2010

              At a meet traditionally known for its cold and rainy weather, this edition of the Early Bird Relays was contested under perfect conditions on the first day of spring.  This meet has also been rather small in size but unlike its predecessors, the 2010 EBR had 15 men’s teams and 19 teams in all.  What remained consistent was the relay scoring of two-man teams for individual events.  Upon completion we won again even though the University of Indianapolis gave us quite a scare.  One of our greatest flaws was exposed, our lack of depth in some field events.  With two-man scoring but too many one-man teams, we threw away many chances to score.  Much of that was my fault inasmuch as I assumed we would make it up elsewhere.  Although I was right, I was not right by much.

              By far the highlight of the meet was Brian Zimmerman’s huge school record in the javelin, contested at Coy Field when the running events were winding down at Gettler Stadium.  Breaking a school record is always significant, even if that record is your own.  But breaking it by 22 shows dominance of all those Bearcats in the past as well as dominance of your former self.  Brian’s mark is now ranked second in the US, a mark which would have placed eighth in last year’s NCAA Championships.  What a start, Brian!  Making this all the more satisfying is that Brian set the previous school record his freshman year but was forced to sit out last year due to elbow surgery.  His rehab efforts together with those of our training staff were difficult yet effective, a model for others to emulate.

              We had seven individual winners (800, 5000, 400 hurdles, 4 x 400 relay, high jump, pole vault and javelin).  We also had six relay winners (100, 800, 400 hurdles, 4 x 400 relay, high jump and pole vault).  Typical of UC teams, the winners came from the sprints, distances, jumps and throws.  Although we need to rejoice with those winners, we also need to be aware that most years we have done better, a problem which can be traced to those who did not compete, among them two school record holders and others with the potential to make a big difference.

              In addition to Brian Zimmerman in the javelin, the individual winner yet no relay points, other individual winners came from the expected to the unexpected.  Eric Finan proved he could win either from behind or the lead, this time choosing to come from way behind for the victory in the 5,000 M. (14:30.42).  It was also no surprise to see Brandon Fitch and Ryan Beltz both high jump 6’ 8”, first place going to Brandon.  Michael Rutherford won the 800 M. as expected in a very nice opening meet time of 1:52.04.  But the surprises tended to be more rewarding.  After three years of many injuries and many missed meets, Allen Moore erupted with a terrific 400 M. hurdle victory (54.91), nosing out Jermel Kindred of Indianapolis who had exactly the same time.  Allen’s family and his teammates were so happy for that victory after way too many setbacks.  Despite missing three sure-fire relay men, our 4 x 400 relay still pulled out the victory with a nice first meet time (3:17.64), making it appear as if all were present.  Only two pole vaulters cleared a height, somewhat typical of the first outdoor meet, but fortunately one of them was Elliot Vocke, the winner at 15’ 5”.  His confidence is sky high, as are his results.  Many former role players are now becoming standouts.

              Two events stood out for quality and depth.   Our 800 M. runners had the winner, three of the top four and seven of the top 14.  This group has been raising awareness within our team for some time now, so it was really great to see them get some credit for their efforts.  Seniors Jason Berling (3rd, 1:55.21) and Jon McClelland (4th, 1:55.40) opened up very well.  Ryan Wynn led the freshmen, our half-milers in training as he ran 1:57.60, followed closely by Tony Williamson who won the second section in 1:59.22.  The 100 M. crew included the runner-up as well as six of the top 12.  Dayo Igeleke (10.93) narrowly lost to Indianapolis’s fine sprinter, Frederick Helm.  Anthony Chandler (4th, 11.02) and Mario Cannon (5th, 11.04) were close behind.  The hurdlers also showed quality depth.  Mario Cannon (2nd, 14.92) and Brandon Smith (5th, 15.83) combined for a relay victory in the 110 M. hurdles.  The 400 M. hurdles provided a more interesting race as seniors Allen Moore (1st, 54.91) and Chase Petzinger (3rd, 55.34) let the charge.  Ethan Freet made his first college mark a good one (5th, 56.43).  By year’s end all will be major players.  Other placers included the following:  Brendon Lyshe (5th, 400 M.), Oliver Book (4th, 1,500 M.), Ricky Lupp (7th, 5,000 M.), Mike Foley (T-3rd, high jump), Chris Littleton (3rd, shot put) (8th, hammer), Jake Haseman (5th, discus) and Anthony Chandler, Cameron Hermiller, Chase VanCura and Dayo Igeleke (2nd, 4 x 100 relay).  Special mention goes to those winter co-ops who did so well on Saturday:  Eric Finan, Ricky Lupp, Jake Haseman and Chase Petzinger.  Next week we divide the team, some going to Columbia, SC and other to Raleigh, NC. 
EARLY BIRD RELAYS                                                                                                                                           
March 20, 2010
Cincinnati, OH  --  Gettler Stadium
Sunny,  68 degrees,  no wind,  perfect day

1. CINCINNATI (102)   2. Indianapolis (91)   3. Ohio Wesleyan (65)   4. Notre Dame College (61)   5. Ohio Northern (55)   6. Xavier (54)   7. Tiffin (50)   8. Capital (47)   9. Heidelberg (32)   10. Dayton (28)   11. Mt. St. Joseph (21)
12. Morehead State (17)   T-13. Northern Kentucky (13)   T-13. Thomas More (13)   15. Wright State (3)

HAMMER                            Chris Littleton, 148’ 9” (8th)     Jake Haseman, 147’ 0”       (RELAY,  7TH)    

DISCUS                                          Jake Haseman, 140’ ½” (5th)    Chris Littleton, 134’ 3”   Brandon Smith, 96’ 5”     (RELAY, 6TH)

SHOT PUT                            Chris Littleton, 52’ 1-3/4” (3rd)     (RELAY,  DNS)

JAVELIN                            Brian Zimmerman, 226’ 0” (1st)              NEW UC RECORD.   FORMERLY 204’ 0”,   2008.
                                          (RELAY,  DNS)

LONG JUMP                            Brandon Smith, 20’ 3-3/4”       (RELAY,  DNS)    

POLE VAULT                            Elliot Vocke, 15’ 5” (1st)     Ben Hall, NH     Tommy Marks, NH     Brandon Smith, NH
                                          (RELAY,  DNS)

HIGH JUMP                            Brandon Fitch, 6’ 8” (1st)     Ryan Beltz, 6’ 8” (2nd)      Mike Foley, 6’ 6” (T-3rd)       (RELAY, 1ST)

4 X 100 RELAY                            41.90 (2nd)                   Anthony Chandler,   Cameron Hermiller,   Chase VanCura,   Dayo Igeleke
                                          (RELAY,  2ND)
1,500 M.                            Oliver Book, 4:00.95 (4th)       (RELAY,  DNS)

110 M. HURDLES              Mario Cannon, 14.92 (2nd)     Brandon Smith, 15.83 (5th)       (RELAY,  1ST)    

400 M.                                          Brendan Lyshe, 50.68 (5th)       (DELAY,  DNS)

100 M.                                          Dayo Igeleke, 10.93 (2nd)     Anthony Chadler, 11.02 (4th)     Mario Cannon, 11.04 (5th)
                                          Cameron Hermiller, 11.24     Chase VanCura, 11.24     Darius Howard, 11.24       (RELAY, 1ST)

800 M.                                          Michael Rutherford, 1:52.04 (1st)     Jason Berling, 1:55.21 (3rd)     Jon McClelland, 1:55.40                                                         (4th)     Ryan Wynn, 1:57.60 (7th)     Tony Williamson, 1:59.22     Zachary Fields, 2:01.66                                                             Ryan Westfall, 2:01.88       (RELAY,  1ST)

400 M. HURDLES              Allen Moore, 54.91 (1st)   Chase Petzinger, 55.34 (3rd)   Ethan Freet, 56.43 (5th)   (RELAY, 1ST)

200 M.                                          Chase VanCura, 22.43     Mario Cannon, 22.46     Anthony Chandler, 22.67     Darius Howard,                                                         22.75     Brendan Lyshe, 22.77     Cameron Hermiller, 23.43     Ben Hall, 23.59                                                                           Tommy Marks, 24.56        (RELAY, 7TH)

5,000 M.                            Eric Finan, 14:30.42 (1st)     Ricky Lupp, 15:05.57 (7th)     David Barry, 15:28.81                                                                           Solomon Kessio, 15:55.13       (RELAY,  1ST)

4 X 400 RELAY                   3:17.64 (1st)              Moore (50.3)    Van Cura (48.8)     Lyshe (48.9)     Freet (49.4)     (RELAY,  1ST)             
                                          3:25.75                            McClelland (50.5)          Berling (51.0)          Williamson (51.5)       Wynn (52.6)
                                          3:33.63                            Petzinger (53.5)          Fields (53.5)          Westfall (54.3)         Rutherford (52.2)
                                          3:44.61                            Beltz (54.2)             Fitch (54.8)             Foley (58.5)             Hall (56.7)             

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