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Joe is a student of his sport.

okay, very exciting time for me. Something that I know I've always been very lacking of: CHEST DRIVE. I've always seen such amazing take-off from vaulters such as Bubka, McMichael, and Sarafian. In turn, I've tried to emulate them, like this take-off my McMichael: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPHdlD8G ... re=related I obviously don't approve of the tuck, but if I can get HIS take-off, and a bubka-like swing...that'd be money

I'll admit that these jumps are BY FAR not my best jumps, but I was only focusing on 1 thing (2 things really, but they complement each other). Chest Drive and Bottom arm (bottom arm was not something that was forced and only came as a result of a better take-off)

ROPE DRILL: rising while staying behind the rope, leading with the chest and aggressively pushing off the ground with the trail-leg, ready for a huge snap!

JUMPS: All jumps are from a 5-left approach, around 62'6 with a grip between 13' and 13'3 on a 14' 160 (17.8flex), new pole PR from that run AND I WAS BLOWING THROUGH. you'll notice that the jumps are mostly crap after take-off, but that wasn't the focus so I'm not upset. I had another great practice tonight (1/12/10) and focused on chest + swing/snap

JUMP 1: Probably could have gotten that last step down quicker (looks a bit long to me). Got the plant up EARLY (finally), led with the chest and...I don't know what to say about the bottom arm, but I think it's about "ideal". LOVE THE HIGH BEND. The pole moves forward and mushes (too soft). the rest of the jump falls apart...but I wasn't really focusing on the rest

JUMP 2: not a great angle, but i just wanted to show the space between the bottom arm and my head. It goes above my head (NO BLOCKING), allowing for a huge pre-stretch and a SNAP. Better than the last jump, as my swing leg stays relatively straight and long. Pretty high bend on the pole, definitely could have been gripping higher on a stiffer pole.

JUMP 3: Another solid-take off, with the start of a good swing but didn't finish the jump. I noticed a 'sink' in the pole + a lower bend, but since i also landed rather deep (granted that i certainly flagged out), so I probably should have moved to the 14' 165.

NOW...this is totally new territory for me...it'll take some getting used to before I can really finish the vault the way I have been lately, however, I feel with this new ability to drive the chest (which really sets me up for a powerful swing), that i'll be able to grip much higher on much stiffer poles. Let me know what yall think. -6P

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