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jumpchrisjump.com: 4 Left PR 4.70

Thanks for all the support and "good luck"s. It definitely woke me up.

This is my first time over a bar in a meet from 4 Lefts. 4.70m. Last year, I struggled from 6, 7 and 8 Lefts to clear the same height, so the progress is there. The takeoffs were inconsistent, and so were the jumps. But I got over 4 bars...but only cleared 3. I really have to work on my commitment to the swing from short runs. My confidence is slowly but surely coming back. My next meet will be in Allendale, MI on Friday 12/18 around 6pm.

4 Lefts from 58'4".
13'9" grip on 14'6" 17.1 and 16.2
4.40 xxo
4.55 xo
4.70 o (yup)
4.85 xxx

I definitely treated this meet like a Saturday morning. Unfortunately it was my first "meet" since August and it was my first time jumping from 4 Lefts in a meet situation. There is a lot of room for improvement after the takeoff, but compared to last year this time I am much further along.

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