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hey Chris, how's everything going? this may seem kinda random, but I had a few questions for you, regarding vaulting. First off, I think you're a great technician, you have a lot of talent and power, and I really appreciate all the training videos you put up. My questions have to do with why you're not vaulting higher. Now, from your video's, i can't see everything, but from what i DO see, your technique looks pretty solid. Do you think your height it your limiting factor?? (how tall are you, anyway?? you never gave me a straight answer about that haha). Do you think it may be speed or gymnastic ability?? What do you think it may be?? Perhaps you're just not training like you used to? I don't know, but i personally think you have the ability to still go 5.50+ Thanks for all your input man, be good. -Joe

First off, thanks. I am really impressed by your approach and your curiosity. Things are going better than ever for me. I have a simple answer for everything you are wondering: A lack of confidence and a lot of fear have hampered my growth as a vaulter. I spent a lot of time listening to people telling me what I couldn't do as opposed to telling myself what I was capable of. Height= 5'7". There were a ton of shorter vaulters jumping well over 18. Look at the french kid he's got me feeling proud to be under 6 foot and still jumping. Speed =def not hurting anything. Gymnastics= good enough. Training= I train smarter now, and I'm still better than I was physically at 18 and 21 and 25.

I jumped 17' as a sophomore in college (indoors, 20 years old) and I was handling 18' jumps in practice (bungee, so it doesn't count). I got injured at the end of the indoor season and competed for nearly two years with the same injury. Started jumping well again my senior year I jumped 17-9 indoors and 17-6 outdoors. My sophomore year i jumped all my best jumps on 16' 160-170 Spirits (15-9 grip) and My senior year i jumped on a series of 15'6" Pacer Carbons 170-185 (15-4ish grip).

People have always saw potential in me, but just now at the age of 26, I'm seeing my potential realized. 5.50? I have had coaches (great coaches) tell me I could go 5.80. Craziness. But that's what the goal is. This year my goal is to jump higher than I ever have and with the confidence and skill i posses. I know i jump in that range on a more consistent basis (5.50-5.80).

BTW next time email me i can respond faster. Wanna know more about how we improve as vaulters check my site blog.jumpchrisjump.com. Keep going man, never quit, and don't let other people kill your dreams. Persistence Pays.

Check out Joe's youtube channel. Thanks for the support.

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