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Workouts for Week 1


Tuesday         8-Sep   2008
Exercise        Distance        Reps/time       Notes
Jog                N/A               30 Min            Conversation pace
Stride            90 meters      10                   Focus on Mechanics
Abs               N/A

Wednesday   9-Sep   2008
Sides            90 meter         6                   Walk corners/Stride Straights

Thursday       10-Sep  2008
Jog                N/A               20 min           Push Conversation Pace
Skip              40 meter        10                 POP high (on the grass)
Stride            50 meter        10                 LONG almost a bound (on the grass)

Friday           11-Sep  2008
Hills              80 meters       10                presidents hill/long side
Abs              N/A

Saturday       12-Sep  2008
Active            N/A               40-60min       Do something active on your own

Sunday         13-Sep  2008
REST            REST            REST            REST

Just in case you missed the invite. This Saturday will be BIG MOVIE NIGHT at
Bryan's house.He's setting up a BIG screen in hisback yard (18' x 20'). Food @ 5:30 and movie around 7.

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