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Week 2 Workouts

Exercise        Distance        Reps/time       Notes
Monday         1-Sep  2009
Progressive    400                8                   focus on the "stride" part of this workout
Strides           40                 6                   focus on mechanics
Abs               N/A               8x50

Tuesday         5-Sep  2008
Run               N/A               30 min            fast conversation pace
Hurdle Mobility 10 hurdles    4x each exer.  over under, walk over, snake

Wednesday    16-Sep  2009
One on/One off  N/A            16 min             work on consistancy
Bound               50              8
Abs                  N/A

Thursday        17-Sep  2009
Run                N/A              30-40min         fast conversation pace

Friday            18-Sep  2009
Hills               long side       10                  drive up walk down
Bound            50                 6                   High and long
Abs               N/A

Saturday        19-Sep  2009
Jog                N/A               20-30min        Light on your own

Sunday  20-Sep  2009
Rest              N/A             Active Rest

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