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2.5: A Slow and Safe Return.

Wow. It has been 2 months since my last training log update. That is mostly attributed to the fact that I have not been training. Well not running and jumping. Still busting my butt in physical therapy. My current weekly workout (based on doctor's recommendations) Short run vault once a week with a lift after, run a workout once a week with a lift after, left upper body and work the core one day on the weekend. I'm waiting on some better orthotics before increasing the volume. I got fitted at Heel to Toe in Urbana. I was very impressed with the service there and waiting to see the final products. I am confident that this will relieve the discomfort I am having and allow me to get in a full 2 months of base and speed work, before tackling the outdoor season. I am hoping to compete in late April, early May. But that will depend on my recovery of course. Great coaching advice: "Listen to your body."

I am getting very excited by the current state vault. I feel like the heat is back on from a lot of my friends. Everyone seems to be jumping well this year. I am proud of all the guys who already PR'd this year and those who are consistently jumping at a high level. I really feel like this will be a great year for a lot of people including myself.

Check out my video from 3 lefts.

I am still working out some technical/timing issues, but feeling much more confident than before and ready to start moving the step back once I get cleared.

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