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2.4: After a long wait...

It's simple. My Achilles had hampered my performance as of late. My lack of flexibility was causing me to keep undue stress on the tendon's medial side. With some great therapy from the people at Carle Sports Medicine, I have gained more flexibility and have more range of motion with less pain. Up until Monday, I was at about 75% of full speed when running and about 60% of full speed on the runway. I have started taking things easier to help the rehabilitation along, and things are looking up. Had a decent day from 4 lefts today. If finally started to get some steps outside of 10'. My biggest issue has been the ability and confidence to take of out with the weaker penultimate step. Today I made some major improvements in my confidence in the last Left-Right-Left phase into the take off.

I also got in a light leg lifting session, in my new weight room. This is a much needed addition to my training right now. At a time when its hard to get in a decent sprint workout out, it is good to be able to still work my legs without over-working my Achilles.

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