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2.1- September Wrap-Up

The first month of work is a wrap. So far I am stronger, but with the addition of 3-day-a-week lifting, I have struggled in some of the early season running workouts. The biggest challenge is to become comfortable with 8-10 workouts a week, as opposed to 5-7. We are not vaulting yet...just running and lifting with the occasional technique day. Check the links on the top right to see the workout schedule. I will have weight lifting workouts added soon. According to a recent survey most people are checking in weekly, so am going to challenge myself to update weekly, but in this part of the season there is not much interesting going on, or I'm too sore to sit up and type for 15 minutes. Not Really.

Gill Weave Video Shoot:
I have a new found respect for any pole vaulter who has ever shot a commercial, video or any other type of vaulting work in front of a camera. This is my second video shoot. The first one is super-top-secret and will be hitting a cable TV near you in the near future. The second one can be found at the WEAVE website. First of all, the videos are very demanding and they leave about %50+ of your jump footage on the cutting room floor. Further, you have to take several repetitive jumps, while maintaining consistency within the time constraints. The weave video shoot was really tough because I am in the middle of preseason training and I was definitely not ready to pole vault, especially since I got absolutely killed in the weight room on Thursday of that week. So after of two days of "rest" I was at more sorest point after my first lift of the season. Nonetheless, it would have still amounted to a decent day from 4 lefts, minus the top end. You can see in the one full jump shown that I look real lazy on the top of the jump. I was a pretty sore. I never really realized how much of my upper body I use to get inverted. Being really fatigued that day showed some promise. The strength I lacked that day is being built in the weight room as we speak. Furthermore, I noticed how much more inversion I could get by using my swing as opposed to just muscling my self up. Well check out the video, buy Carbon Weave Poles if you are ready for them. Be on the look out for more videos from Gill.

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