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#23- Run your own race...

First, I want to apologize for taking so long to post a Training Log Update. I have been traveling (to meets and back home), and it has thrown off my posting schedule.
In horse racing, the horses wear blinders on the sides of their heads to block the peripheral vision. With the blinders on the horse is free to run the perfect race without distractions. If the horse were to run without the blinders it would be frightened or distracted by the adjacent horses. I feel like up to this point I had run a strong race. I was a little of the pace indoors, when March came I picked up a few strides (getting back in the weight room), April came and once again I faltered thanks to the unpredictable weather. But May is upon us, and with over 250 days of preparation behind me I am poised to make a strong charge from the back of the field. Without my blinders on I would be distracted by the great performances around me (Mark Hollis = 5.71 and Erin Asay = 4.60, check the videos on YouTube). As happy as I am to see two young vaulters make breakthroughs, am just as confident that my breakthrough is soon to come. A few things that have hampered my progress this spring: small nagging leg injuries, the WEATHER and most of all--MY BRAIN.

I went to the Stan Lyons meet at IUPUI on Saturday, April 26, and had a wake-up call. There was a pretty strong crosswind and I kept trying to adjust to the conditions. The meet began and I had not taken up a jump. First jump- run through again, Second jump- blow through, and Third jump- another big blow through with some big height. I finally learned that the wind/weather doesn’t affect you as much as you think it does. With all that said, I have a few more chances to qualify. Trying to stay healthy and staying limber has become a daily job, but these are the most important factors to my overall performances at this point.

4/1- 10 Min Run; Lift- Snatch 3x6 95, 115, 115; 2x100m, 2x75m, 8x50 resistance, 4x75
4/2- Moved outside- Vault 4L 55', 14' 18.4, 13' Grip
4/3- Lift Bench 135 12, 10, 8, Front Squates @ 105 3x10, Upp Body Circuit; 2x100m, 6xOverspeed, 6xResistance, 4x75m
4/4- Pre-Meet anbd Travel (late travel 11pm-3am, bad planning)
4/5- Oliver Nikoloff Meet (Cincinnati)6 Lefts 85', 14'6" 15.3/14.8, 4.75m
4/7- Vault Day- Very windy 4 Lefts 55', 14' 18.4, 13' Grip
4/8- 10x50m Pole Runs, 4x50m Resistance, 4x75m
4/9- 2x50m, 8x50 Pole Runs w/ Resistnace, 2x50m
4/10- OFF Soreness
4/11- Vault Day- 3L 41' 13' 15.6 Short pole for height
4/14- Vault Day- 6L (did nothing but run from 86') 3L 41' 14' 18.1/17.6
4/15- 2x150m, 4x100m, 6x50; Lift 4UP/LO Body Circuit x3
4/16- Vault 8 Left at GILL (Boards Plus 25+mph Tailwind= bad results), Overshot the pit on 15' 17.5 (only took one jump)
4/17- Vault at Gill 5 Lefts 70.5', 14'6" 16.3/15.3
4/18-4/19- Travel and Officiated All-Ohio Champs
4/21- Vault Day- 8 LEfts 111' 15' 17.9/17.6 Bungee at 5.40m
4/22- Slide Box x8; 4x (30, 30, 60, 90) and Abs
4/23- Vault Day- 6 Lefts another bad day 84', 15' 19.2
4/24- Pre Meet
4/25- Did not compete, another pre meet
4/26- Stan Lyons NH- Ran thru all my jumps except #2 and #3 at 15-7 jumped on 15' 17.9/17.1
4/28- Vault Day- 8 Lefts 113', 15' 17.9/17.6
4/29- Pre Meet
4/30- U of I Meet- 3rd Place 5.15m on 15' 16.1 14'6" grip Ran from 8 Lefts 113.5' take offs under
5/1- 15 min run and stretch
5/2- OFF, Travel

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