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Reno: Live Update...

I'm pretty content with my performance, not so much with the final height and not at all with the technique of the second half of my jump.

I'm standing here in the Reno Livestock Events Center, typing on my sidekick...hoping somebody is up reading this...hahaha.

It was a very fun day...thanks to everyone that approached me with a handshake and comments...Bryan, Collin and Brian...also Scott Houston...Coach Mitchell and the Akron Zips for letting me borrow a pole after I ran out (twice).

Some facts from the meet (I am currently walking witha pole bag on my shoulder and typing this entry....talented texter):

-Highest jump from 8 lefts
-Highest jump from 14'6" grip
-Biggest 15' and 15'6" pole from 8 lefts
-Highest jump in Reno (for me of course)
...and much more.


Jermy Hull said...

how high did you go

579cm said...

5.25m thanks for checkin the site bro

Jeremy hull said...

awesome early season mark keep it up

Anonymous said...

Nice rips! Looks like that runway was banging? When did you end up getting your drawers back from the airlines? Looking forward to watching more.

5.79 said...

thanks...i got my luggage at 5:30...I was so glad to put on MY own underwear

Anonymous said...

How did the rest of your flight of vaulters do? Are those results posted anywhere?

579cm said...

Brian Hunter jumped (texas) 17'6"...btw I was suprised to see him jumping and he was super cool/humble dude

Mori (I think...japanese kid) and I at 17'2"

And several others at 16'11"...strong field considering there were two elite groups

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris! Scott Houston Here! good stuff man, and if theres anyway i can help ever just let me know. But man, i have to say, you didn't hit 5.35! haha, j/k

5.79 said...

Thanks for catching my step, I know it can be hard...good job with 5.10m keep up the good work...If you ever have any questions let me know. And if you want feel free to check out the other posts and comment. Thanks again...good luck the rest of the season.